History of The Miners

The Miners is a Semi Vanilla Minecraft Server located in Indonesia and managed by Aegis that promises survival, PvP and freedom. The Miners provides you a survival multiplayer experience with a little modification to the vanilla survival, without rules and absolutely different from any other Indonesian minecraft servers. The world is 10 months old, with a size of 84 GB and over 6.004 players data saved. (Last updated December 1st 2020).

Server Costs

Since I only host this server just for fun and playing together, and the bills are too expensive, so I need donators who can help me pay the bills so this server still running normally.
Server maintenance costs about IDR. 700k/mo to keep this server running. If the donation target is not reached for several months, I will try to pay the remaining amount if it's not a significant amount. If not, I will publicly say that I will close this server.
I get nothing from it other than not having to pay the entire expensive bill. It is possible to be rewarded for your donations.